Douglasville Accounting Business Service

Time Wasted = Wasted Time

Bottom Line Tax & Accounting has all the small business accounting and financial planning services that your service-based business needs to really succeed! We understand that in the service industry, time really does equal money. When you outsource your accounting to Bottom Line, you’ll free up precious time that you can spend any way you want to. The more time you spend on accounting and back office duties, the less time you have available to generate billable work, or focus your much-needed energies on your business. From managing your entire accounting functionality, to simply advising or tweaking a few processes to save you time and money, our goal is to help your business succeed and thrive.

Specialized Services for your Service Specialization

Perhaps no industry is as intrinsically diverse as the Service Industry. Bottom Line Tax Services knows that every industry is different, and every business is unique! That’s why we have specialized Douglasville Accounting Business Service training and a diverse portfolio of expertise in order to address the unique needs of every particular business in nearly any industry. This includes your unique business inside of your distinct industry! Let our dedicated team of experienced professionals provide you with the specialized accounting, tax planning and tax preparation services you need to succeed.

Time & Billing

If your business bills by the hour, as many service-based businesses do, then accurate time and billing data are a big part of your business. If you don’t have the right tools in place, or have never entertained the idea of evaluating and improving this process, you could literally be cheating yourself out of your own hard-earned dollars.

Labor Costs

Labor costs can often be your largest expense in a service business, so managing these costs well is critical to your profits and your growth. We can help you make sense of your labor numbers through proper classification and reporting.

Projected Analysis Reporting

Wouldn’t it be nice to know which area of your business really generates the most profit? Wouldn’t it be even nicer to know how sustainable this avenue of commerce really is? Wouldn’t it blow your mind to know what the most profitable expansion or migration inside your service-based business could be? Bottom Line can analyze everything about the past, present, and future of your business’s financial situation, and present you with the most accurate, most potentially important information you have ever seen regarding the future of your business. The professional Douglasville Accounting Business Service you receive from Bottom Line goes well beyond ordinary small business accounting. We can help YOU make smarter decisions about YOUR BUSINESS, both now and for years to come. Call Bottom Line today!

Get Jemel’s Book!

We considered leaving QuickBooks. Jemel helped us correct a corrupt database. Our operations never skipped a beat while he worked. With Jemel’s support, I feel confident keeping QuickBooks.

Kathy Riley
CFO, Car Stereo Plus, Inc.