Business Tax Preparation

The best time to prepare for a baseball game, according to a recent poll in USA Today, is BEFORE the game begins. At the very latest, according to the same poll, a player should prepare for the game during some point of the actual game action. The same poll indicated that the absolute worst time to prepare a strategy for playing a baseball game would be at some point after the game had ended.


The business owners who have the most restful April nights are the owners who employed a professional business accounting firm to help with their business tax preparation DURING the fiscal year. Seriously, if you just enjoy train wrecks, especially ones you self-impose, then you may want to keep thinking about your business tax situation after the fiscal year has ended. But if you’d like to maximize your returns, and find great new ways to invest your revenue that make REAL business sense, hire an experienced accounting company like Bottom Line Tax for your business tax preparation needs.

You deserve better than a one-size-fits-all approach to your business tax returns! As an integral part of our turn-key business services we offer traditional business tax preparation for returns for businesses, individuals, estates, and trusts in a timely and accurate fashion. We put too much heart into providing the highest quality financial and tax planning throughout the year to simply hand your information over to a cut-rate, franchised tax service.

Not only are we already safe-guarding your financial information, but your business deserves the care and attention of customized business tax preparation which will accurately reflect your business to the IRS. These services include assistance with:

  • Sales Tax Returns
  • Quarterly Payroll Tax Returns
  • Annual Preparation of Forms 1096 and 1099
  • Obtaining vendor W-9s
  • Preparation of Corporate income tax returns
  • Preparation of Property Tax returns
  • Preparation of other business related tax returns as appropriate

Be assured that we are diligent about remaining up-to-date on the ever changing tax laws that affect your business. We are committed to taking the time necessary to examine all the tax-saving opportunities available to reduce your liability while remaining in compliance with IRS regulations.

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