Small Business HR Services

When your small business begins to grow, it means excitement. It means a rise in your company’s reputation. It means increased revenues, and an expanding clientele. It means the potential to hire more employees. It means the possibility of expansion, or perhaps specialization. But it also means more reputation management. It means more paperwork, and more clients to keep happy. It means more interviews, more employee management, more application processing. It means more territory to manage, and more areas of expertise to master.

Needless to say, as your business begins to grow, it can be more challenging to successfully manage. If business growth has blessed your local business, but you could use some assistance with small business time management systems, Bottom Line Tax & Accounting Services would love to offer you our outstanding On-Demand HR Services! This exciting innovation in helping small businesses manage their HR services has helped many local businesses, just like your business, get the most out of their HR Support System.

Bottom Line can help your HR department with any size or scope of Human Resource services:

  • General HR topical training
  • Hiring, Firing, and Retiring
  • HR Audit technology through On-Demand HR Services
  • Weekly updates of your current Human Resources system
  • Custom Checklists and HR Guides made to fit YOUR business
  • Custom employee handbook creation and modification
  • Job Description and Job Requirement administration
  • Access to training, consultation, and training videos
  • Custom HR podcast updates and tricks/tips/helpful HR advice
  • Pertinent legal updates – immediate notification of legal statute changes
  • State and Federal Law library access

Over 98% of business owners who utilize On-Demand HR Services, the professional Human Resource system of Bottom Line Tax & Accounting Services, are completely satisfied with their services, and would gladly recommend that other businesses use it. If your small business efficiency could use some HR guidance, assistance, or administration, or you think your business might need help in the near future, wouldn’t it be better to have a great system like On-Demand HR Services in place BEFORE an HR catastrophe occurs? Bottom Line can help your small business’s Human Resources systems operate smoothly and efficiently. Call or contact today for more information, or to schedule a free consultation!

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