How to Win Small Business Finances: Increase Revenue, Reduce Expenses And Take Home More Money

No entrepreneur starts a company because they want to manage small business finances.

In fact, for most, finances are the bane of their existence. (Just think of the Batman villain standing over you with dollar signs in his eyes. I will break you.)

You have to manage revenue and expenses and pretty soon it feels like you’re drowning in spreadsheets.

And your business shows it.

Way too much money is going out the door and you need a miracle to bring more in. It’s leading to late nights and days filled with stress. In the middle of it all, you’re certainly not paying yourself what you deserve.

This is a story I’ve seen too many times in 15 years of working with small business finances. I’ve sat with so many leaders who face the same problems you do.

I’ll tell you the same thing I told them: you can change your story.

Terry’s experience proves it.

Facing Late Nights and Low Profits

Terry is a contractor from Georgia who came to Bottom Line for help.

After years of hard work, his business had stalled.

Terry knew the industry was difficult. All around him he saw businesses failing or barely scraping by.

He was determined not to let that happen to him. But that meant working long hours. 

Spreadsheets ate into his lunch hour. By the time he got home at night his family was already in bed.

While Terry’s will was strong, it soon took a toll on his body and his family.

Even worse, Terry still wasn’t seeing the profits his business deserved.

Overworking was wrecking his health. He needed a better way. One that could actually move the numbers.

But I Already Have An Accountant

Terry turned to his accountant.

He’d hired the accountant to help manage money and keep track of how the business was doing.

While the accountant kept track, the reports that were coming back weren’t favorable. And they weren’t changing.

Terry needed something more. He needed a practical strategy and hands-on help. What he needed was his own personal CFO.

Growing The Bottom Line

grow your bottom lineIn the fall a couple of years ago, Terry heard about the work we do at Bottom Line.

He was intrigued and ready for a change. So in the new year, I started helping Terry implement our system.

We took a hard look at the business, transformed his tax strategy and flipped his money management plan to put profit first.

And the results … they speak for themselves.

After a year of working with Terry, he sent me this message:

“Revenue is up 21%, expenses are down over 12% and net income is up 1049%!!! I’m taking home more money and my business is working for me for a change.”


Ready To Win Your Small Business Finances?

I love seeing Terry win like that.

He’s loving his business again and continues to grow.

You deserve the same. 

If it feels like your business is running you instead of the other way around, the solution isn’t to work harder and longer hours. You just need a strategy that will grow your bottom line.

If you’re ready to increase revenue, reduce expenses and take home more money, schedule a call today. I can’t wait to hear about your business and help make your story a success.


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